India Kabab

India Kabab is a Middle Eastern, indian restaurant that, in my opinion, rocks! The food is so good and the price for a lunch buffet is only $7.95.

Few tips: Call ahead and see whats on the menu. I cant say this enough.

I went there for the first time and I was so not a fan of what they had. I piled my plate high, Im pretty flexible when I eat, tried one bite of everything and some stuff , I couldnt even swallow. Then I vowed I would never return and that indian food was just not for me.

Five years later, yes, its been around for decades!, I went with my dance troupe, and was surprised. When we got there, I kinda poked around at the buffet until my friend told me what to get. I got the measliest portions because Im not into wasting food. I sat down, tried everything and… it was like I was a starving child. I gobbled that food up went up for seconds and thirds!

My favorite was the Pakora or Bhajya, its a deep fried vegetable fritter and the Naan, which is a type of flatbread. There was also this dish with cauliflower and potatoes, called Aloo Gohbi, served with rice, it is amazing. The only con I can think of is that there is like nobody in there, ever. I think people go there for takeout, but whenever Ive gone its either my party only or one other party. But never has it been packed. The staff is very welcoming and all smiles, which I love. And, its damn good food.


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