Celebrity Countdown

Alright friends! Ive come up with a celebrity countdown and want to know your answers. I left my answers in the comment section so go ahead and post yours too!

And the countdown begins!

10 celebs you find good looking

9 celebs that are funny

8 celebs youd have dinner with (4 that have passed, 4 alive)

7 celebs that are graceful

6 celebs that should date (3 couples)

5 celebs youd party hard with

4 celebs youd dress like

3 celebs that would be good hang out buddies

2 celebs you wish didnt break up (1 couple)

1 celeb crush


One thought on “Celebrity Countdown

  1. 10) Trina. Dakota Fanning. Selena Gomez. Mila Kunis. Adele. Omar Epps. Blair Underwood. Tupac. Mario Lopez. JT.
    9) Gabriel Iglesias. Sinbad. Katt Williams. Nicey Nash. Seth Rogan. Jimmy Fallon, Ashton Kutcher, Ellen, Steve Harvey
    8) passed- Aaliyah, Whitney, Mandela, Tupac alive- Katt Williams, Jimmy Fallon, Solange Knowles, Steve Harvey
    7) Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer Love Hewitt. Jennifer Aniston. Kate Hudson. Barbara Streissan. Mariah Carey. Reese Witherspoon (despite her arrest haha).
    6) JLo & Jay Jernandez. Weezy & Lindsay haha. Frankie Munez & Hilary Duff.
    5) Ke$ha, Rhianna, Mistah FAB, Tara Reed, Lil Kim
    4) Shakira, JLo, Khloe K, Selena Gomez
    3) Ellen, Kelly Osbourne, Martha Stewart lol
    2) Hugh Hef & Holly 😥
    1) Omar Epps ♡ hes my husbys look-a-like

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