Egg Roll King

Egg Roll King is a Chinese fast food restaurant in Sparks, and my overall rating is…. 3/5

Food – 2/5

Wait Time – 5/5

Price – 5/5

Service – 1/5

Bathroom – N/A due to no restroom

Cleanliness – 4/5

Environment – 5/5

The Food: Its okay. Portions are plentiful and cheap. I ordered shrimp fried rice and shrimp egg rolls and  the rice was good, but there was barely any shrimp in it!  I’m talking a whole to-go box filled to the top with below average fried rice, and a couple of shrimps on top. The shrimp that was in the rice were so bland! No seasonings at all. It was just eh. The egg rolls had long stringy cabbage that was difficult to bite through, leaving my husband and i with stringy cabbage hanging down our egg rolls. The egg rolls were very crispy, I do have to say, but theyre supposed to be shrimp egg rolls and I couldnt even taste it. Probably because it was so little of shrimp used, and bland.

The Wait Time: Phenomenal, if the food was good! It took 5 minutes or less to get egg rolls and rice, and that impressed me. Too bad the food wasn’t great.

The Price: Shrimp fried rice 6.50. Shrimp egg rolls (3) – 2.99. Not bad prices and they have a house special for 3.95 that comes with 1 egg roll, pork fried rice, and chicken chow mien! That’s a deal, but the quality of food definitely needs a rise.

The Service: Not greeted. No smiles. No eye contact. Boo!

Cleanliness: It was clean; tables, floor, counter. Its just that the floor needs new tile, its very scuffed.

Environment: It seems a bit contradicting, but the customers were happy and its always has a nice customer in/out flow so I had to rate it high. It looks to be a family business and I can see the way they interact with each other and its loving and laughing, but toward customers they’re shy!

I come here probably every 6 months, if that, when I just want Chinese food NOW and they have that for a not-so-bad price. Its filling and portions are great, but I cant say this enough, it needs more flavor!


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