Mmm. Subway sammiches.

Overall Rating


I go to the one on Oddie Blvd., its 24 friggin hours people! Yes I discovered it when I was pregnant but that’s besides the fact! I always get the Veggie Delite ($5 footlong) like this: 9 Grain Honey Oat Bread. Lite Mayo. Honey Mustard. Provolone Cheese. Extra Provolone Cheese. Red Onions. Banana Peppers. Cucumber. Sometimes Bell Peppers. All the shakers. And my favorite, extra-extra-extra-extra-extra lettuce!  Im talking cant-close-the-sandwich is-this-girl-serious amount of lettuce. Today when I went, I asked for the extra extra lettuce and the girl behind the counter sarcastically grabs like half the bin of lettuce and says, “Is this good?” and chuckled and I replied Yes that’s exactly how much I want! She asked are you serious? I said yes!!

When you bite into it, its literally a salad sandwich. When I eat it, its just cuddle-with-yo-baby-daddy-all-night-long good. Try my sandwich and let love prevail!

Food- 5/5

Wait Time 5/5

Price- 5/5

Bathroom- 4/5

Cleanliness- 5/5

Enviornment- 5/5


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