Grocery Outlet

Bargain Market ūüôā also referred to by my family as Grocery-O

I am so in love with this place & they also have the cutest commercial songs and puppets. I live close-by to one, and go here often. Every time I go, there’s always new interesting things, however, you may come today and the items will be gone & never return tomorrow. So in essence, if you want it, buy it then and there.

Today I went because my lover lover boy (husband really) made delicious shrimp and vegetable stir fry, with rice duh, and it is beyond delicious. So we had that for lunch and was expected to have it for dinner too, but I really wanted to have some appetizers! I was crazy craving them, and just had to find me some. I looked up some places for a happy hour, and a lot of places did have half price appzs., but I wasn’t in the mood for onion rings, mozzarella sticks, etc. Plus a margarita would be way too tempting even though I have work in the A.M.

Thinking….thinking….Hello! Grocery-O Silly! I never go there just for appetizers, I go for boring day in day out stuff. Lunches, dinners, granola bars, soaps, paper needs, etc. Today, I am headed for an adventure and am coming back with some goods.

I left out the door, by myself, because my husband decided to watch our son (thanks!), and took a stroll to the market. (No I don’t call every¬†store the market, I’m saying that because it is called Grocery Outlet Bargain Market) Out the door, twenty dollars in my pocket, and up and down every aisle to spend 19.00 even. I was not expected to get what I got!

Here’s a list followed by some pictures:

Wheat Bread $.99 (Not as an appz, but because we were out)

Gallon of Apple Juice $1.50

Tortilla Chips $1.99

Black Olives $.69

4 Layer Dip $1.50

Plain Greek Yogurt $1.50

4 Jalapeno & Cheese Tamales $1.50

Potato & Onion Perrogi’s¬†$1.99

Vegetable Samosas $2.99

20 Nut Bars $2.00 (10 for a dollar, score!)

12oz Salmon Fillet $2.99!

I mean look at this cuisine!! Italian, American, Mexican, Indian, the diversity is amazing!

So, after my husband came home from the Pacers vs Heat game, Pacers won, we dined on some delicious appetizers. This is how it went.

I made the perrogi’s in the oven first, taking about 30 min at 350 degrees, then the samosas at 400 for about ten minutes.

Our chips and dip were really good, very fresh!  Shared a jalapeno & cheese tamale, and finally a tamale without so much masa! The masa was delicately wrapped around a boat load of cheese and peppers. These are the ones! The jalapenos were diced which infused all the cheese and masa, and the cheese was just overflowing! Very good and rich, and authentic.

The veggie samosas were on point! In my last post I wrote about dining at an¬†Indian Restaurant and how everything was delicious, well the samosas tasted just¬†as good! We’ve never tried them and they were tasty!¬†I mean crispy and crunchy from the oven, without all the grease of a pan-fry job, warm, seasoned to perfection, cute little triangular shape¬†too.

Then were the perrogi’s, and it was like mashed potatoes stuffed inside dough and then crisped on the outside. It doesn’t sound that good now that I’m reading it, but we put some plain yogurt which is the exact same flavor as sour cream, just a tad healthier and more frugal, and it tasted just like a little mashed potato bite. Very interesting.

Dined and drank apple juice with it ūüôā

Later that night, we tried one of the nut bars and I am so glad I bought twenty of those scrumptious things! I unwrapped it and its only about 3 inches long and half an inch thick with the biggest nuts! Sweet and salty and mmm I love nuts! ¬† ¬†Wow… don’t be dirty! ¬†ūüėČ

That was my night and I hope there is a Grocery Outlet near you, check it out if you’ve never been, there’s always a good deal and interesting food! Tell me some of the things you’ve bought there!


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