Birthday EClubs

Birthday EClubs are my New Thing!

So, holy cow. Two hours spent and well friggin worth it.

YOUR ENTIRE BIRTHDAY MONTH YOU GET FREE STUFF IF YOU FILL OUT A  ONE MINUTE OR LESS FORM AND PRINT! Also, even if its not your birthday, you still get gifts from some places just for signing up for their eclub. Customer Appreciation Baby!

For my birthday month I will be recieving free breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, appetizers, makeup, and my hair done. All for free!

These are the places Ive recieved coupons for, and Ive sorted them by no purchase neccesary & with purchases/discounts & just for signing up.

No Purchase Neccesary, Birthday Month Only

Carrows-Free Dessert

IHop-Free Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity (Fruit Compote, Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon/Sausage, Hashbrowns i think, and Juice)

Del Taco-2 Free Grilled Chicken Tacos

QDoba-Free Chips and Salsa

El Pollo Loco-Free Chips and Guacamole

Wing Stop- Free Regular Seasoned Fry

Milan Institute-Free Hair Cut and Style

Ulta-Free Mascara

Buffalo Wild Wings-Free Appetizer (Onion rings, mozz sticks, chips and salsa, or roasted garlic stuffed mushrooms)

Papa Murphys- Free Cookie Dough

A&W- Free Rootbeer Float

Cinnabon- Free Minibon

Black Bear Diner- Free Bear Claw, regular or fruit filled, and free coffee

Weinerschnizel- Free Chili Dog

Boston Market- Free Individual Dessert

Subway- Free 6″ Sandwich

Port of Subs- Free 6″ Sandwich

Baja Fresh- Free Taco

Taco Johns- Free Meat & Potato Burrito

Jamba Juice- Free Smoothie

Dunkin’ Donuts- Free Coffee & BOGO donuts

With Purchase/Discount Birthday Month Only

Dennys- With purchase of 2 Entrees, free build your own sampler

Olive Garden-With purchase of 2 Entrees, free appetizer up to $10.00

Jack In The Box- BOGO Ultimate Cheeseburgers

Red Lobster- With purchase of 2 entrees, one free appetizer.

Carls Jr- Free Fry and Free Drink with purchase of 6 dollar burger

Fuddruckers- $7.00 for a 1/3 lb burger, fry, and drink. $.99 kids meal. And $7.00 for a black angus chili cheese dog, fry and drink.

Johnny Rockets- Free Hamburger with purchase of any entree and drink.

Cold Stone- BOGO any creation

Arbys- Buy small drink or small fry get a free Roast beef and cheddar sandwich

Century Theaters- Buy a movie ticket and get a free small drink and free small popcorn

Orange Julius- BOGO Drink

Dairy Quuen- BOGO Blizzard

Pizza Hut- Free Cheesy Bread with any purchase

Grimaldis Pizza- BOGO Large pizzas

Genghis Grill- BOGO Stir Fry Bowl

Panda Express- BOGO Entree

PF Changs- Free Appetizer

Applebees- Buy 1 entree, recieve 1 free appetizer

Sephora- With any $10.00 purchase, recieve a VIP Beauty Box, including mascara, lipstick, lip liner, eyeliner, and eye shadow. ($50+ value) also, order online and recieve 3 free gifts from their selection including night creams, wrinkle creams, pore perfectors, perfume, and makeup!

Just For Signing Up

IHop- Free Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity (I have a description above)

Carrows-Free Dessert (No purchase neccesary)

Dennys- 20% off entire check

Weinerschnitzel- Free Chili Dog

Baja Fresh- Free Taco

Chilis- Free Chips and Salsa

Dairy Queen- BOGO Blizzard

Pizza Hut- Free Cheese Sticks (Cheesy Bread) on your next order

Papa Murphys- Buy one pizza, get 50% second

Jamba Juice- $2.00 off coupon

Century Theaters- Weekly Coupons!! List your three favorite theaters and recieve a coupon to each, ex. free popcorn! And you’ll get a coupon for each theater, every week!!


Chuck E Cheese- Kids Birthday Week get 10 free tokens

Toys R Us- Coupon for gift of the Month

KMart- $5 gift card and their birthday kid bundle thing- comes with a crown a toy and a pack of stickers, crayons, and pencils

McDonalds- Free Kids Meal

Jamba Juice – $3.00 off next visit plus enter phone number & earn points to get discounts


Incredible, I know.

Dont you just wanna marry me now 🙂

Remember, these exclusive deals are only when you sign up online sometimes even in stores, for your local restaurants and beauty places. Alot of them will have you choose the actual store location from a list & will designate your coupon to only that store.

Tell me about your discounts youve recieved!

There were also some discounts I recieved that didnt really interest me:

World Market-$10 off a purchase of $50 or more

KFC- Join the Landrys Card Club for a one time fee of $25 and recieve $25 credit for signing up plus $25 credit every year on your birthday




Also, this is just what Ive recieved so far! My birthday isnt for another two weeks, and Im sure Ill be getting a flow of more coupons when its actually my birthday week. Ill update it again soon, but can you believe this??



Pesky Gnats

Tulips & The Stupid Gnats

Me and my “step” daughter (The little girl I nanny for) planted 8 tulips in March. Unfortunately I didnt read all of the instructions for planting and didnt plant them deep enough but we did have some survivors! So we replanted the three survivors in May. Here it is mid June & one of the tulips has sprouted, not bloomed, but close to it! Our plant is about 7-8 in tall! The other two bulbs are at a measly 1/2 in, and I was so confused why!! This morning, I was drinking my coffee outside looking at the plants and I start seeing all these tiny bugs with wings and thought, oh hell no.

I googled it of course, because all mighty google knows it all I guess.

Gnats. Pesky, plant root eating gnats. That means, the reason our plants weren’t growing was because the larvae, not the adult gnats but their kin, was friggin eating the roots of the plants! Grrr…

I am so far from having a green thumb its ridiculous. The only thing I’ve EVA grown successfully have been my annual strawberry patch as a kid. Oh I miss SV.

Anyways, I came inside and told her: Look, we have a serious problem with the plants. We have stupid bugs eating our plants! We need to do something!: She was all on board to kill those pesky little things! (Her fav cartoon is Spiderman and she loves making sure that any bad guy gets his butt kicked! I love it!)

So I went online and found a couple home remedies that I had the ingredients for and we went on a BUG TRAP MAKING SPREE! It was pretty fun actually. And we did more than one just to make sure they would be gone!  Here’s what we did.

1) The first thing we did was: Made a mixture of 2 cups water, 2 Tb apple cider vinegar and 1 Tb sugar. We put a few tablespoons into an old medicine measuring cup, and the rest in a jar. Then we covered them both with plastic wrap & secured with rubber bands. Then we poked small holes with a toothpick and set the jar next to the planter and the medicine cup actually inside the planter and made it level with dirt.

This trap draws the gnats attention to it because for some reason they love the smell of vinegar, apples, and sugar; the plastic wrap with holes allow them to get in but not out, and every 4 days you will replace with a new solution to catch more.

2) The next thing we did was: Made sticky gnat trap. We got two toothpicks and taped them together. Taped on yellow construction paper that was the size of an index card. Rubbed petroleum jelly all over it, and stuck into our planter like a plant information card. We made three of these and stuck them in alongside the border.

With this trap, it draws the gnats attention making them think its a flower, with its bright color, and when they go to crawl/land on it, they get stuck in the jelly

3) Next: Dryer sheets under the planter. We stuck dryer sheets underneath the planter box allowing them to stick out along the sides, kind of like a tablecloth.

This doesnt actually kills any of the bugs, but instead is like a repellant, to keep them from laying eggs. A gnat only lives about a week, but can lay up to 200 eggs! Which then turn into larvae and there is now 200 more gnats from that one stupid pesky bug.

4) The last thing we did was: Made a Bug Zap Spray! This was really fun because it took a short amount of time, but she was able to go out there and spray any little bug she saw! She really liked this one. We filled an old, clean spray bottle with 2 cups of water, 2 Tb vanilla extract, and a few drops of dish soap. And bata-bing bata-boom, went out there and wrangled these suckers.

Why this works is because the soap will kill them, the vanilla extract prevents them from returning, and the water is to dilute them so it wont burn the actual plants. (Like if the bug was crawling on the plants and we sprayed them, it would kill the bug and not the petal/plant)

Concluding, I will make an update on Friday and tell you how the bugs are, and if we caught any with our traps. This was fun and I hope they will be all gone soon!

Thanks for checking this out and if you have any home remedies for gnats or flying pests, leave a comment! If you’ve tried any of these too, tell me your experience!

Happy Tuesday!!

Popeyes Chicken & Family Celebrations

To get some background for the Popeyes celebration: My sister and her fiancee let his 14 year old nephew live with them for six months, to visit for it had been awhile & he finished up his freshman year. He was a delight to meet & get to know; but with the end of the school year, it was time for him to go back home. My sis & her FH were going on vacation to NorCal, my FH’s second Fathers Day was in a few days, and my mom got a big promotion at work (go mom!). All this calls for a good ol’ celebration!

We decided to get some Popeyes and have a family dinner at my sisters house, and it was such a nice time! Take in mind, we loooove to eat! We ordered a boat load of food and everything was pretty good.

Heres what we ordered

) 16 Piece Family Dinner- comes with 16 pieces chicken, 3 large sides, 8 biscuits (Our sides: Mac & Cheese, Mac & Cheese, Green Beans)


) 8 Pieces Chicken Strips- chicken only


) Shrimp Po’ Boy Dinner **Im a peskitarian meaning im a vegetarian who also only eats shellfish** – comes with 1 regular side (Our side: cajun fries for my toddler, he loves french fries omg)


) 3 Large Sides (Mashed Potatoes, Cajun Rice, Red Beans and Rice)

$3.50 ea. total of 9.50

Our total came to about $63.00 with tax included

The food was good, Id say 4.5/5.. Id reccommend the Shrimp Po Boy, its filling and scrum-diddly-umptious    🙂

We also picked up some Shasta Zazz. And if you haven’t tried it, PLEASE pick some up now and don’t deprive yourself any longer. Its a grapefruit soda, but had so much carbonation its ridiculously delicious! While we picked up the soda, we also got a dozen chocolate chip cookies from the bakery. All American Classic Baby!

We dined and hung-out for awhile. My sis’ backyard was getting landscaped, and it was nice summer evening. It was a perfect way to honor our family because eating together and being together really represents who we are as a family.

On that note, Know your family and what connects one another–eating, travelling, sporting, relaxing….whatever it is, make memories. These will last above all else. You cant put a price on them, and you will have these to share with your kids, grand-kids, nephews, nieces, friends, and make for great stories. Write them down too. You dont have to share them with anyone, a journal is just a written picture of a feeling. You can photograph a feeling, but you can describe it and paint that picture. And when you pass, and your family distributes your belongings, maybe a family member will come across your journals, and discover more about you, and even though youre gone, they will feel more connected to you. Its special for them.

Make memories. Love. Laugh. Connect. Theres a difference between existing and living and to you friends…. Live.