Popeyes Chicken & Family Celebrations

To get some background for the Popeyes celebration: My sister and her fiancee let his 14 year old nephew live with them for six months, to visit for it had been awhile & he finished up his freshman year. He was a delight to meet & get to know; but with the end of the school year, it was time for him to go back home. My sis & her FH were going on vacation to NorCal, my FH’s second Fathers Day was in a few days, and my mom got a big promotion at work (go mom!). All this calls for a good ol’ celebration!

We decided to get some Popeyes and have a family dinner at my sisters house, and it was such a nice time! Take in mind, we loooove to eat! We ordered a boat load of food and everything was pretty good.

Heres what we ordered

) 16 Piece Family Dinner- comes with 16 pieces chicken, 3 large sides, 8 biscuits (Our sides: Mac & Cheese, Mac & Cheese, Green Beans)


) 8 Pieces Chicken Strips- chicken only


) Shrimp Po’ Boy Dinner **Im a peskitarian meaning im a vegetarian who also only eats shellfish** – comes with 1 regular side (Our side: cajun fries for my toddler, he loves french fries omg)


) 3 Large Sides (Mashed Potatoes, Cajun Rice, Red Beans and Rice)

$3.50 ea. total of 9.50

Our total came to about $63.00 with tax included

The food was good, Id say 4.5/5.. Id reccommend the Shrimp Po Boy, its filling and scrum-diddly-umptious    🙂

We also picked up some Shasta Zazz. And if you haven’t tried it, PLEASE pick some up now and don’t deprive yourself any longer. Its a grapefruit soda, but had so much carbonation its ridiculously delicious! While we picked up the soda, we also got a dozen chocolate chip cookies from the bakery. All American Classic Baby!

We dined and hung-out for awhile. My sis’ backyard was getting landscaped, and it was nice summer evening. It was a perfect way to honor our family because eating together and being together really represents who we are as a family.

On that note, Know your family and what connects one another–eating, travelling, sporting, relaxing….whatever it is, make memories. These will last above all else. You cant put a price on them, and you will have these to share with your kids, grand-kids, nephews, nieces, friends, and make for great stories. Write them down too. You dont have to share them with anyone, a journal is just a written picture of a feeling. You can photograph a feeling, but you can describe it and paint that picture. And when you pass, and your family distributes your belongings, maybe a family member will come across your journals, and discover more about you, and even though youre gone, they will feel more connected to you. Its special for them.

Make memories. Love. Laugh. Connect. Theres a difference between existing and living and to you friends…. Live.


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