My Wedding Brain

So, here it is. Exactly 58 days until our big sha-bang.

So nervous and excited and really hoping all this work will result in some of the happiest memories for us. My FH and I have been working long hours and have poured so much time into finding the perfect items for it, such silly little things like peach or nectar color?? Let alone all the money that just seems to be disappearing. We know that what matters most is being in love and uniting our family as one, its just the whole wedding process is more than I fathomed.

I mean, Ive cried twice about not knowing what our centerpieces will look like.

And cried again when they were finished about how beautiful and perfect they look.

Now Ive planned parties. And Im not talking about little kid parties at the park/restaurant, Im talking week long parties with a different theme each night including an entire house decorated with Halloween props and entrance is a costume, but this party was in June (I know, one of my favorite memories!), a poker tournament night, a day of play at the park including croquet, volleyball, a bbq, and more. I threw affairs that people still talk about this day, 5 years later! Parties of the year!

But! I haven’t thrown one in awhile….Im a little rusty. And a wedding? Where Ive literally been to two weddings in my life and have the slightest memories of them both because I was pretty young.

I had no clue what I was getting myself into.

My wedding will have many attributes to it, but I don’t want to give it away to the friends and family who read my blog. No sneak peeks 🙂 But I will day there will be lots of little nothings that remind everyone how much we love our families and the closeness of each other. Its a typically small wedding, expecting 60-80 people, and having it at a community center.

Im just such a planner, its to the point I don’t even have my wedding party assigned to much. My MOH, bless her heart, her main task is to take care of my meltdowns!! Im just so needing to be in control of everything, and my hand in everything, and picking it all out and making the decisions…about ev-er-ee-thing, that its officially draining me. I mean fifty….eight….days…away… And all of this work is to be shown. No more, oh I need to do this still. and cant forget about that!

 I started planning this in January. Yep. Seems ok, but for “FreshFest” my parties of the year week long event, I would plan a year in advance. I thought, well I was working and going to school and planning it, but since Im not in school and work at home, this wont be that hard. I wont be a bridezilla, Im calm cool and collected. Easy peasy. and I have been up until my stupid, Im not even cuss as much as I want to, because thinking about it is starting to piss me off lol, but my stupid computer crashed in June! And that means allll my work that I had saved on that POS was boom, gone. So I thought long and hard about everything I had and looked up even better ideas phew! But this past month. Its fucking crunch time. I gotta do dis.

Ive picked out almost everything-thing, and now its time to whip out some moo-la, and start paying my vendors the other half of what we owe. My FH, bless his heart too, puts up with my silly questions.

Should we have 8 in or 10 in dinner plates?

Which image do you like for our napkins?

How are you going to do our sons hair because hes walking down the aisle too and I don’t want you to put too much grease in his hair……wait why don’t you show me now so I can see?

Im crazy.

Call me Bridezilla.

Oh, and you wont believe all the crap Im forgetting. I said tomorrow is Monday, and tomorrow is definitely Thursday. I thought I had wipes when I left, but I didn’t and had to come back home and leave again! I forgot I went grocery shopping an hour ago….. Seriously?

But Its 58 days away, and Im waiting for my dress to arrive. Probably my biggest omfgoodness getthisshitherenow problem. And everything else seems so little now.

Im really hoping my dress hurries the hell up because…..Im about to find another dress in the meantime just to make sure I have one if it isn’t coming on time……

Hmm.. Maybe Ill do that now..

I mean I cant walk down the aisle in a tshirt right? Well I could but no. nanananana no.


Just an update of why Ive been so neglectful. Too busy online shopping.

Oh and another thing, after this wedding….Im almost positive Im going to have a newfound online shopping addiction. I mean packages twice a week, Im getting used to that!

Im positively-absolutely-coudnt be happier- stupid smiling excited about this wedding and know God has and always has blessed me with everything I need. Its going to be the way He wanted it to be. He has plans. Bigger plans that what I could dream of. Thank you Jesus.

And Happy Monday….Tuesday……Friday??

❤ ❤ ❤


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