About Me


Im Samantha! Im a cancer, *Summer Baby*, I have an adorable, soon to be 2 year old son, a loving soon to be husband, we live in Sparks, NV, and baking is where my heart is! This blog is all about my baking experiences, recipes about drinks and food, and reviews about places Ive been to. The places I review will mostly in Reno/Sparks, but when I take a vacation Ill put it up too!

Go ahead and checkout my welcome page to view more details about this site!

https://samanthacanbake.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/hello-there/ ‎


If you want to order anything from me I have a whole pricing guide depending on what you’d like! You can choose from anything Ive posted or whatever you can think of. I have quite a variety, and this blog is relatively new, so I have tons of things Ive made! Contact me via email and hope you enjoy!

Cakes  $25+                 Cupcakes $15+           Special Treats $7+



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