Desserts I Love

1) Tiramisu

Coffee. Chocolate. Cookie. Oh my guh.

2) German Chocolate Cake

Chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate ….coconut.

3) Baklavah

I love nutty flavors and i love the chewiness. My mom introduced me to it and i fell in love before i could even pronounce it!

4) Caramel Delights

Girl scout cookie favorite!

5) Cream Puffs

Mmm. My grandma made it best & i learned from her!

6) Store bought cherry pie

Why? My grandpa would bring it home almost weekly and he didnt like us eating sweets so it was really a treat! Theres nothing like the store-bought, jellied consistency. I make fabulous pies, but its too fresh. Store bought cherry pie just hits home.


Banana Split Cake

Banana Splits.

One of the things that come to my mind when I think about kid-friendly desserts. I mean, bananas, chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream, nuts, cherries…. Heaven.

So, why not put together a cake?!

The baking process was….well….at first a disaster! And I know that is definitely not how I should start out my baking blog, but it was! I mean the strawberry cake was just a flop! I tried this new recipe (big mistake) and it was horrible. Note to self. When a cake calls for jello mix, never, ever, and I mean never am I going to try it, and navigate elsewhere…quickly!

It sounded good, I was trying something new, never put jello mix in a cake. And I will never try to again! Ugh, sloppy mess. But, I redeemed myself and made a homemade strawberry cake that was moist and strawberry-ee, and delish. Will be a keeper. And then I made a chocolate cake with chocolate chips, but I think next time I will skip the chocolate chips. I like chocolate, but I’m not the chocoholic kinda lad. So made my two cakes. Then went on to making my banana filling. Yumm. And my whipped cream frosting because plain whipped cream doesn’t hold up nor can you spread it and keep it looking pretty.

Hundred percent homemade. As is with all my baking. And just to inform, if I ever make something that is semi-homemade like rice crispy treats or canned frosting I spruced up, I will tell on myself so quick! I am ashamed when I do stuff like that, but, I’m not going to lie when I do. Why bother?

So. I layered like this. From Bottom to Top:

Chocolate cake–banana filling–strawberry cake–whipped cream frosting–covered the sides in nuts–topped with sliced strawberries and bananas–and maraschino cherries.

It was a tall round cake. Heavy to carry. Very warming to the soul when eaten. And a happy throwback from childhood. This my friends is what baking is about.

Banana Split Cake